Mudita (n). Finding joy in the happiness and success of others.

Our why

Taking care of your body is essential.

And you shouldn’t have to feel skeptical about what products are part of your daily routine. With endless skincare products on the market, you might have found yourself wondering “are any of these actually safe for my skin?” That’s why we set out to formulate all-natural skincare products you won’t have to second-guess.

Mudita Earth was created out of necessity for effective, all-natural, and budget-friendly beauty products. We want you to feel confident knowing the products you use every day will have only positive impacts on your health, budget, and environment.

Because let's be honest, friend. You’re tired of reading “100% natural,” only to be let down after reading the ingredient list.

With Mudita Earth, you’ll be beaming every time you walk outside knowing you’re taking care of yourself and the Earth.

While feeling (and looking) good every step of the way.

Formulating to the highest standard

Producing ethical, sustainable, all-natural products is our main priority. That’s why we’re working hard to be COSMOS Certified--the highest standard for organic cosmetics. Our products follow their strict formulation, manufacturing, and environmental requirements ensuring we’re producing only the best skincare products for you, and the Earth.

You’ll be the first to know when we receive our ‘Certified’ check of approval.

Our Founders

At the heart of our company are two dynamic women: Jessica and Pooja, a mother-daughter duo who share a passion for data, sustainability, and clean living. With a family history rooted in farming and a deep appreciation for nature, we’ve always valued low-waste practices and sustainable living. But as women of color, we’ve also noticed a glaring gap in the beauty industry – the lack of affordable, accessible clean beauty products for people who look like us. That’s why we founded our company, with the goal of making clean, sustainable beauty accessible to everyone. With our data-driven approach and commitment to innovation, we’re working towards a future where beauty is not only clean and sustainable but also inclusive and empowering. Join us in our mission to make a difference!