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In Sanskrit, “Mudita” means finding joy in uplifting others. Embody true well-being with clean and natural beauty products that are gentle on your skin, and the Earth.

Empowering Women of Color through Clean Beauty 

ME strives to create a space within beauty that feels comfortable for and accessible to women of color. We use an exclusive list of ingredients approved by COSMOS to ensure that our products are made of ingredients with healing properties that come directly from the Earth. Our mission is to make clean beauty accessible to women of color so they do not have to rely on toxic beauty products to feel good about their skin. We hope those from underrepresented communities can feel like our skin and bodies are also accepted and loved just as equally.
“I love the whole range and use it daily!! I use the bamboo cleanser 2x a week at night and its soooo gentle on my skin and makes me feel so refreshed. I love priming my makeup with both the serums it makes my skin glow and helps my foundation go on like butter.”


“This blueberry & papaya serum is so bomb it has cleared up my acne and it leaves my skin super soft!!! I’ve been using it day and night and so far I’m shook with how fast I’m seeing results.”


“This vitamin c serum is hands down the best serum I’ve used. After going through numerous other brands, this one really helped brighten and even my skin tone. Since I have acne prone skin, I love that this serum doesn’t have any harsh ingredients to cause irritation and I know I’m putting clean products on my skin.”


“This moisturizer has been a game changer for me. The texture is so lightweight it absorbs into my skin so well and feels so hydrating. I love the use of fresh ingredients like pomegranate and olive it makes me feel so refreshed.”


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Our brand ethos and mission drive our

Ethically Made

Founder Formulated + Clean, Toxin-Free, And Cruelty-Free High Quality Ingredients Safe For Your Skin And Our Planet.


From manufacturing to sourcing to packaging, ME strives to reduce waste and carbon emissions at each point in our production cycle.


As women of color, we have formulated our products to work effectively on melanin rich skin and work with a dermatologist to ensure efficacy.

Mission Driven

1% of our profits are dedicated to 1% For the Planet, an organization working to combat climate change. $1 from each unit sale goes to a local charity of the month.