Ethical values for a guilt-free skincare routine

It’s time to feel empowered about your skincare products. Mudita Earth is committed to creating and formulating products that do good! Using all-natural ingredients and sustainable practices is at the heart of our business model. And with our mission of giving back, you can also feel good knowing you’re not just empowering yourself, you’re empowering others as well with every purchase.

Natural products

By using botanical-based ingredients, you’re keeping toxic and potentially harmful chemicals away from your skin and the environment. Synthetic ingredients are commonly found in skincare products but contain chemicals and dyes that are toxic for both you and your environment. We use only all-natural ingredients that leave both you and the Earth unharmed when washed off and put back into the environment.


From ingredient sourcing, formulating, and the after-life of our packaging, sustainability is our main priority. We pride ourselves in using all-natural ingredients that are safe for the environment, manufacturing standards that limit our carbon footprint, and using 100% recyclable packaging to reduce our waste.


We’re driven to spreading empowerment worldwide. When we support and encourage one another, more opportunities become available to all of us. Mudita Earth is committed to giving back $1 of each sale to charities that share our values of sustainability, uplifting women, and helping those in the greatest need.